Why XOverture?

A True IT Partner Delivering True Business Value

A boutique IT services experience at an SMB-friendly price. Experienced as any, more innovative than the rest.

A boutique IT services experience at an SMB-friendly price. Experienced as any, more innovative than the rest.

IT Consulting Services for Compliance Audits and Much More

We Care. Really, We Do.

It’s an easy claim to make and hard to back up. But try us. Schedule a meeting with us or give us a call now. Right from the start, you’ll see how we have a passion for developing a true understanding of your IT problems and finding ways to help.

You’re not just a client to us. We want to solve your IT problems and help you succeed. And we fully believe in the power of IT to help businesses achieve their goals.

We Never Let You Down

We’ve never, ever failed to deliver on a project. Even if that means flying into Manitoba, Canada, during a blizzard; performing a retail install from scratch in less than a day after another MSP abandoned the months-long project at the last minute; or reversing a ransomware infection for a 10,000-student university over a weekend of all-nighters. Even when other vendors let you down, we’ll stick with you until the project is completed.

When You Talk, We Listen

We never try to bury or explain away problems. We respond immediately to all negative and neutral reviews to get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it quickly as possible.

Making sure you’re happy isn’t just a side-effect of providing you with good IT. It’s one of our core goals.

IT Support Services

We Focus on People, Not Just Tickets

A key part of our training process is ensuring our new team members understand that IT is only half the job; the other half is being patient, polite, and positive, and ensuring you leave the call in a better mood than when you started it. 

Clients don’t call us because they’re happy and want to report some good news; usually they’re frustrated and dealing with an IT issue that’s derailed their day. We understand that, and always do our best to understand and fix your problem as quickly as possible and avoid making your day even more difficult – which can happen if you’re dealing with an IT support team that views you as a ticket to be completed and not a person in need of help.

We Don't Waste Your Time

We’re not afraid to learn new things and go outside our comfort zone, and we have both broad and deep knowledge of everything IT and business. But we’ll never commit to an engagement that we know we can’t fulfill the terms of up to our standards (admittedly a very small percentage of requests that companies approach us with). Even where there’s an opportunity for us to make money, there’s no point in wasting each other’s time. 

We’ll be happy to refer you to other companies, though, for things like application development, website development, and early-stage business consulting.

Unique Combination of Service Quality and High-End Advice

Adept from the Highest Level to the Smallest Detail

As a team, we’re as good at helping you plan and budget your IT over the next five years with your CEO as we are at helping your new entry-level trainee set up their PC and email or tracking and inspecting every alert that comes our way around-the-clock. We have experience and expertise in all areas of IT, including Windows PCs, printers, Macs, servers, virtualization, backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, and more.

XOverture combines high-level guidance with ground-level implementation in a way that few other MSPs can match.

A Pricing Model That's Fair to Everyone. Especially You.

The dirty little secret about All You Can Eat (AYCE) / unlimited IT services and support is that it’s bad for everyone, the client included. If your MSP included unlimited support with your managed IT services plan and you don’t use it that much, in effect you’re paying for the IT support of the MSP’s other clients. And if you use IT support more than an average client, more likely than not the MSP is going to find a way to drop you as a client or make up the difference by raising your rates or providing you with substandard IT support.

We on the other hand use a highly granular, pay-per-use pricing model so you get exactly what you pay for, and ensure consistent quality of service and a transparent and mutually-beneficial relationship with your IT services partner.

Keep IT Cost Low


We're Focused on Delivering Maximum Value

We place a strong emphasis on maximizing value for our clients. We’re always on the lookout for ways to save you money, make your tech more efficient, and help you get more value from IT, both from new solutions and the ones you currently have.

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but the most expensive or flashiest IT isn’t always the best, especially for SMBs. Based on our extensive knowledge of what’s out there and what’s worked for our other clients, we’ll help you make smarter investments that deliver real ROI.


We Can Deliver Growth & Have the Record to Prove It

Our leaders have a lot of experience providing businesses with the IT stack they need to grow. We’ve done this for every type of business, from startups to new acquisitions and mergers, to lifestyle businesses suddenly interested in expanding, to struggling businesses trying to turn things around. Our leaders have also taken their own businesses from startup to scaling to acquisition, while designing, building, and maintaining their IT the whole way.

Whatever your situation, we can help you turn you alter or upgrade your IT so it better supports your growth.

Thought Leaders

We're the IT Experts that Other Experts Go to For Advice

If you’re looking for advice on your IT, you can’t do any better than XOverture. Our leaders and consultants have been honored for their knowledge, expertise, innovation, and foresight by IT services industry publications like CRN, MSPMentor, MSPAlert, and Channel Partner Insight, and by the Los Angeles Business Review. They’ve been interviewed by/published articles in leading publications like Wired, Entrepreneur, PC World, and the Los Angeles Times.

Masters of IT Security

Tried & Tested in the Toughest Sectors

Security and compliance are a huge part of IT management these days, with cybercrime becoming more common, advanced, and harmful, and governments and industry regulators requiring businesses to do more to protect customer data. We have a lot of experience in this area, serving frequently-targeted and highly-regulated SMBs in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, universities, non-profits, and cannabis, successfully protecting them all from both major attacks and tech-related compliance violations.

Plus, we go beyond most MSPs by having expertise in physical security including surveillance systems and access doors, so we can genuinely take care of all your business’s security needs, and you only have one security vendor to deal with.

Advanced Toolsets

We've Got the Tech to Keep You Optimized and Protected

We carefully evaluate, test, and select all our monitoring, management, and security tools, products, and vendors. These tools are always being updated and improved, and we never settle for second best, always seeking the technologies that offer the best performance at the best value and dropping vendors that rest on their laurels and stop innovating. We look for tools that leverage next-gen tech like AI, machine learning, Big Data, and IoT. Our technology partners include industry giants Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, and Sophos.

Industry Expertise

Start From First Base with an Experienced Partner

We have a lot of experience and success in these industries, so we already understand your requirements and what works best for you. Which means much less of a learning curve and getting-to-know-you time, and more time getting down to business and establishing a stable status quo. Plus, you’re getting the benefits of years and thousands of hours of hard-earned domain knowledge and best practices that few other MSPs have.

Industries that we have a strong track record in include:





Green Tech

Professional Services



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