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Switch to the IT company that cares

Switch to the IT company that cares

Unhappy with Your Current MSP?

Are you dealing with these problems?

Unresponsive Team

You can’t get hold of anyone when you need them. It’s a slog to reach people – you have to go through several layers of call trees and escalations to get to someone with the power and know-how to help you. You’re looking for a more hands-on team that always picks up the phone, where everyone is able and empowered to help you.

Slow Support

Is your IT helpdesk less than helpful? Are they slow to resolve even critical or simple issues? Do you get a new support tech every time you call in, and have to wait while they review your account notes because they’re completely unfamiliar with your company and your IT? Would you prefer an IT team that’s more like a part of your company?

Feel Like You're Overpaying

If you’ve been with your current IT company for a long time, you might not be able to compare them to anything. But you still feel like you’re not getting enough value for what you’re paying. New technologies have never been less expensive, so why does your IT costs keep rising while your IT seems to stay the same?

Outdated Tech & Methods

You keep hearing about new technologies out there, but your IT stays the same every year. You get the feeling your IT company is resting on its laurels a bit and not evolving with the times.

The XO Difference

An MSP that does things differently, with uncommon integrity, empathy, and skill.

Consultative Approach

We’re not about pigeonholing you into a cookie cutter IT solution or model. We’ll evaluate your business’s needs and goals and help you build and maintain the IT that will get you to where you want to be. 

Fair & Flexible Pricing

We have a highly flexible, transparent, and granular fee model that calculates pricing based on users, devices, and locations. We also use a quasi-pay-as-you-go model for IT support, so you get maximum value for the services you use.

A Full Spectrum Provider

We can provide industry-best IT consulting and advisory services with award-winning and end-to-end IT management, security, and support services. In other words, we don’t just tell you how to make your IT better – we make it happen, too.

IT Strategy
Avoid IT Downtime

True 24/7/365 Availability

We offer around-the-clock emergency tech support with response SLAs as low as 5 minutes, so you can get quick support at any time anywhere in the world.

Our Services

We offer the same services your current MSP does. We just do it better.

Switch to XO in 3 Simple Steps

Switching from your old IT company to XO can be as quick or gradual as you want it to be. We can onboard you as quickly as within a day, though more complex environments can take up to a few months.

Meet & Greet

Let’s have a friendly chat about your IT can better serve your business. Right away you’ll feel the difference between your old provider and one that listens and genuinely cares about helping you succeed.

Assess & Agree

After a high-level discussion we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of your IT, figuring out what’s wrong with it and putting a plan together to improve it. You’ll get everything in writing and clear pricing before we do anything billable.

Offboard & Onboard

We’ll get you off your old provider and onto our systems, minimizing disruption to your business and working with the old provider to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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