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Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

XO managed IT services combines high-level advisory services with top-tier
managed services in one value-rich package in Los Angeles..

XO managed IT services combines high-level advisory services with top-tier managed services in one affordable package in Los Angeles. 

High-Level Guidance and Planning

As a Los Angeles Managed IT Service provider focused on the needs of the customer, XO starts by consulting with you to fully comprehend your business technology needs. We then evaluate managed IT services options in light of your unique business needs and recommend the best solutions to meet those needs.

We ensure that the technology landscape is developed to fit your business—not the other way around—by putting your specific business technology demands at the center of our managed IT services plans. Then after, we effortlessly deploy the right managed IT services strategy so that your organization may continue to operate smoothly without missing a beat.

Complete 24/7 Coverage of All Your IT

Monitoring and proactive management of your IT infrastructure are essential components of XO’s Los Angeles Managed services plans. Your IT systems are managed by our fully staffed remote help desk and field support team, who also perform regular asset management, scheduled security scans, automated patch distribution, website and database maintenance, server health checks, and other tasks.

Our meticulous attention to these routine and often time-consuming processes ensures that your technology is on hand and operating smoothly whenever you need it.

Fast, Friendly, Any-Time Tech Support

Your managed it services package includes 24/7 tech support, so your team can get quick and effective help whenever you need it.

Custom Plans

We'll build you a plan to match your exact needs
Services Include:
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • IT Security
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • 24/7 Incident Response
  • Tech Support
  • Procurement
  • Yearly Reviews
  • Reporting
  • Backups & DR
  • vCIO
  • IT Insourcing

How XO Managed IT Services Help

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IT Made Simple

Our solutions are tailored to the unique IT requirements of each of our clients. Our focus is on the outcome and the experience, which is clients adopting technology to boost their success and using it as business enablers rather than inhibitors.

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Focus on What Matters

We keep tech in the background, so you can focus on the areas of your business that make you money and help you grow.

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Risk Mitigation

Whether they are technical or security-related, our Los Angeles Managed Services company can address a range of infrastructure-related challenges. To prevent any business interruptions, we strategically plan, lowering potential risks, and putting in place necessary measures.

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Flexibility You Demand

Our pay-per-use pricing model and on-demand services get you the IT help you need without weighing you down; our advisory services help you adjust quickly and intelligently when needed

Align Your Biz & IT

We’ll design and build you an IT that helps you reach your business goals, and maintain it every step of the way

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What We Manage - Anything IT, Including

  • Computers
  • Networks & Networking
  • Mobile Devices
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Servers
  • Point of Sale
  • Cloud Services
  • Printers

Managed IT Services FAQ

“Managed IT services” means outsourcing the management of all or certain aspects of your IT to a managed services provider (MSP) like XO.

It’s the same you do when you get outside help for business functions like marketing, accounting, or recruiting, except for your IT – your computers, servers, storage devices, email, cloud services, etc.

Things you an MSP can do for you include:

    • Monitor and proactively maintain your IT for problems including network outages, malware infections, low storage space, and a lot more
    • Keep all your software up-to-date
    • Provide tech support (also called “helpdesk services”) for issues including PCs and applications crashing, printer problems, connectivity and login issues
    • Perform, monitor, and validate data backups
    • Select and purchase IT hardware for you

Managed services provide businesses that can’t afford to hire an in-house IT person with professional-grade IT management and support.

For businesses that already have in-house IT people, an MSP allows IT people to outsource things they don’t want to deal with or don’t have time to deal with, or to get expertise they don’t have in-house.

Read more about the benefits of managed IT services.

It depends on your current environment, services you’re interested in, and other factors. Contact us for a full assessment and quote.

We wish we could offer a clearer flat pricing structure, but every organization’s IT situation and requirements are so different that doing so wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone.

Yep! There’s always somewhere here and ready to help by phone or email.

We can support any OS or application including Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft 365, and QuickBooks.

We’re experts at other technologies including VMware, Veeam, VoIP, WiFi, surveillance systems, NVRs, and a lot more.

Yes, we can arrange local, in-office IT support anywhere in North America. We have a nationwide team of trusted and fully-vetted technicians.

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