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XO Construction IT Services

XO construction IT services let you keep your focus on your business,
while we take care of securing, maintaining, and supporting your IT.

XO IT services let you keep your focus on your business, while we take care of securing, maintaining, and supporting your IT.

Construction IT Services

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Stay Online and On Track

We help your projects stay on track by providing you with highly-reliable IT that rarely if ever goes down. We do it with offerings like in-depth planning, strategic procurement, 24/7 proactive management and security, and 24/7 emergency incident response and support, protecting you from disruptive tech outages, security breaches, and other IT problems.

Support Your Distributed Team

We’ll manage, monitor, maintain, and support your IT even across many locations, so your users always have tech resources and help they can depend on no matter where they are, while your applications and files remain centralized, secure, and backed up.

Support your Distributed Team

Protect & Maintain Your Data

Don’t let hackers and ransomware derail your projects and steal or delete your data. We’ll protect you with measures including security planning, 24/7 monitoring, the deployment of leading AI-driven tools, and rapid alert and incident response.

Gain a Trusted Advisor

We want you to view us a long-term partner or even as part of your business. We’re here to answer any IT question, solve any IT problem, respond to any emergency, and help you analyze, plan, and build your tech from start to finish. 

Why XO for Construction IT Services?

While other MSPs just manage what you have, we offer enterprise-level advice on how to improve it and can help you get there. XO managed IT services combines high-level advisory services with top-tier managed services in one affordable package.

We are a 24/7 operation. Hackers don’t sleep and neither do we. Servers run around the clock, so do we. When you call, we pick up the phone.

Our contracts, SLAs, and pricing are clear as day, so you always know what you’re getting. Our automated service notifications and in-depth reports and reviews keep you informed and in control.

We’re knowledgeable when it comes to all the latest trends in cloud, digital transformation, virtualization, containers, IoT, 5G, and others, but we don’t treat our clients like guinea pigs — we only deploy the technologies we know and trust from real experience and testing.

We never just throw money at a problem. We always work to find the best solution at the lowest price for our clients, while making sure that the solution actually works and isn’t a cheap, temporary stopgap.

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