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XO IT Solutions for Manufacturing

XO IT solutions for manufacturing help you get the most modern, reliable, and secure IT for your budget, and turn peak production into a daily occurrence.

XO IT solutions for manufacturing help you get the most modern, reliable, and secure IT for your budget, and turn peak production into a daily occurrence.

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A Dependable MSP for Nonstop Manufacturing Operations

We’re experienced at serving the IT needs of manufacturers, even those with the most demanding uptime, security, and compliance requirements.

  • Record of 99.5%+ critical infrastructure uptime for all manufacturing clients
  • Robust business continuity & disaster recovery solutions available
  • 24/7/365 emergency support w/ guranteed response times as low as 5 minutes
  • Security & compliance expertise
  • Affordable and flexible managed IT services plans

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

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Prevent Downtime

We’ll help you prevent downtime through measures such as proactive maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and rapid incident response, and automated failover, ensuring you never miss a minute of production time due to your IT.

Stay Secure & Compliant

Using best-in-class tools, a holistic approach that considers every aspect of your IT, and our 24/7 team of top security and compliance experts, we’ll help you stay protected from hackers and ransomware. 

Protect your Data
CIO-Level Advice & Guidance

Modernize Your IT

Plenty of manufacturers rely on outdated IT, with onsite servers and running old, unsupported versions of Windows and Windows Server. This may work for you now, but chances are it’ll come back to bite you in the form of outages, compliance violations, security breaches, and lower overall productivity. XO can bring your IT into the modern age, helping you leverage next-gen cloud, security, and compliance solutions without overwhelming your budget.

Keep Costs Under Control

We’ll help you get a reliable, modern IT at a price you can afford. We’ll only suggest and implement solutions that deliver true value to your business, and work to provide them at a cost that fits your budget. With us constantly managing and maintaining your IT, you don’t have to worry about runaway or surprise IT costs cutting into your bottom line.

Keep IT Cost Low
IT Support

Get Rapid Support When You Need It

We offer 24/7/365 emergency tech support with guaranteed response times as low as 5 minutes. Our team responds to critical alerts nearly immediately. Whenever you have any tech problems, you know you can rely on us to fix it as quickly as possible, so you can get right back to work.

Why XO IT Solutions for Manufacturing?

While other MSPs just manage what you have, we offer enterprise-level advice on how to improve it and can help you get there. XO managed IT services combines high-level advisory services with top-tier managed services in one affordable package.

We are a 24/7 operation. Hackers don’t sleep and neither do we. Servers run around the clock, so do we. When you call, we pick up the phone.

Our contracts, SLAs, and pricing are clear as day, so you always know what you’re getting. Our automated service notifications and in-depth reports and reviews keep you informed and in control.

We’re knowledgeable when it comes to all the latest trends in cloud, digital transformation, virtualization, containers, IoT, 5G, and others, but we don’t treat our clients like guinea pigs — we only deploy the technologies we know and trust from real experience and testing.

We never just throw money at a problem. We always work to find the best solution at the lowest price for our clients, while making sure that the solution actually works and isn’t a cheap, temporary stopgap.

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