IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles

IT Outsourcing services in Los Angeles  proven to lower your costs, increase user satisfaction,

and help you worry less about your tech.

Los Angeles IT Outsourcing services proven to lower your costs, increase user satisfaction, and help you worry less about your tech.

Why XO for Los Angeles IT Outsourcing?

Custom Workflows, Processes, & SLAs

An IT Department that Works at the Same Rhythm as Your Business

IT outsourcing shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all; you need a dynamic and responsive IT department. We adapt the way we manage and support your IT to better fit your business.

    • Set your own account POCs, VIPs, and user groups
    • Choose preferred contact and ticket submission methods
    • Set your preferred maintenance window times
    • Custom SLAs – guaranteed response times from 4 hours to 5 minutes, based on priority

People You'll Enjoy Working With

Our Team Is Our Strength. We Can't Wait to Be Your Team, Too.

We have a simple rule when hiring new techs: no mean people. You rely on us for your IT, and even though you often only contact when you have an issue, we still want the experience to be a pleasant one. At the same time, our team isn’t just customer service reps – each one is trained, certified, and experienced, and our advanced tier 2 and tier 3 can handle issues of the highest complexity.

    • CSAT score of 99+
    • True 24/7/365 availability
    • Certified in Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and more

Always Dependable Since 1997

Always Available, Kind, & Ready to Help

We’ve been here for our clients for over 20 years, and we’ll continue to be with them for the next 20. Never stuck in our ways, we continue to adapt our methods, approaches, and toolsets to be ready for both the present day and the near future.

    • Offering leading-edge cloud (including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud) solutions
    • Able to support and modernize legacy assets including onsite servers and ERPs
    • Strong base of local, national, and international clients
    • Deep partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Sophos, Cisco, and Pax8

Let's Talk Outsourcing Your IT

Schedule a meeting with us to talk about what you want to outsource with us and details like pricing, timelines, and feasibility. No obligations, no pressure, just a friendly and purposeful chat.