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White-Glove Cloud Migration Services

Easy, custom, disruption-free cloud migrations. Move your servers, applications,
desktops, or entire IT to the cloud

Easy, custom, disruption-free cloud migrations. Move your servers, applications, desktops, or entire IT to the cloud

Cloud Migration Services

We can migrate any server, application, file share, or desktop to any cloud, but these are the types of
cloud migration services we specialize in and recommend to most businesses.

Lift & Shift

Migrate your entire IT to the cloud

Wish you could just copy-paste your IT from your office to the cloud? That’s essentially what lift-and-shift is, though it’s a little more complicated than that. To the end-user your IT may seem the same, maybe with a different login or connection process, but on the back end a lot of planning, setup, configuration, and testing has to be done. That’s why you bring in a firm like XO to help.

    • Move to the cloud with minimal disruption.
    • Great option if you rely on legacy applications.
    • Also a great option if you want to get all the benefits of the cloud but don’t want to change too much.


Also called: IaaS, virtual private cloud, hosted IT infrastructure

Cloud Virtual Desktops

Migrate your desktops & applications to the cloud

Cloud virtual desktops are web-based Windows desktops. Deploying them isn’t as simple as pressing a button though. XO can help you plan, migrate, set up, configure, secure, manage, and maintain your cloud virtual desktops. We support multiple different deployment options, including Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365.

    • They’re a great option for businesses with a large remote workforce or are going in that direction.
    • No more having to buy server or workstation hardware, and you get the advantage of the cloud provider’s billion-dollar investments in security, redundancy, and reliability.


Also called: Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Desktop as a Service, Hosted Desktops, Cloud VDI

Make Legacy Applications New

Have an old legacy application that you still use? We can help you migrate applications like these to the cloud, including by running a hardened instance of an old OS in the cloud, re-programming your software to be cloud native, or shifting into a cloud native application or SaaS program.

Leverage Our Leading Partners

The cloud is a team effort, and we’ve teamed up with the absolute best – Microsoft and Pax8. We work closely with our partners to get you the best pricing, services, and support.

Azure Experts

We specialize in the Microsoft Azure cloud and are certified experts in Azure virtual machines, virtual desktops, security, business continuity, and more.

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Hybrid and Multi Cloud-Ready

Don’t want to commit to a specific cloud? Prefer to keep some workloads on-premises? We can do hybrid and multi-cloud deployments too.

Cloud Migration Services for Everyone

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Unsure Where to Start

Strategic Planning & Execution

Not really sure what the cloud is? Are you intimidated just looking at the Azure or AWS websites with their dozens of different service offerings and tens of thousands of products? Best to leave your cloud migration to the experts at XO.

Avoid IT Downtime

Unsure How to Do It

Tactical Planning & Execution

You have a decent understanding of the cloud and cloud services and have a general idea of what you want to do, but you need XO to handle the particulars of spinning up VMs and storage, setting up the VLANs, migrating data, setting up redundancy and failover, and securing everything.

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Stuck on the Runway

Failed Project Rescues

Tried to do a cloud migration but it turned out to be more complicated than you expected? Hey, no one’s perfect at everything. We can step in, evaluate the situation, and help you complete or redo the cloud migration as needed.

Cloud Migration FAQ

It varies widely depending on factors such as what is being migrated, where you are migrating to, and how much data is involved. Contact us for a formal quote or proposal.

Depending on the complexity of the migration it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Contact us to get a timeline. In general:

    • File Server Migration: Depends on the Data and Bandwidth Involved
    • Server Migration: Usually Hours
    • Email Migration: Hours to Days
    • Full Network Migration: Usually Days to Months

Reasons include:

    • Azure expertise
    • Consultative approach
    • 20+ years’ cloud/web hosting experience
    • Full-spectrum provider – some providers just offer consulting, implementation, or management; we can handle the whole lifecycle for you, so you just have vendor to deal with

Short answer: no.

We used to offer private cloud services (which we take to mean a small-scale, managed cloud provider, as opposed to large-scale public clouds like Azure and AWS), however we are in the process of decommissioning our data centers. In our view there is no reason for most businesses to prefer a private cloud over a public cloud. It’s just a tactic used by private cloud providers to lock in their clients and maximize their profit margins. Only very large organizations require the customization that private clouds provide.

Simply because Microsoft owns and develops Windows, and most of the business world is still Windows-based. Also, Azure is just as secure, flexible, and reliable as any other public cloud.

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