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XO’s Business Continuity Solutions Help You Maintain 100% IT Uptime

XO’s Business Continuity Consulting Services Help You Maintain 100% IT Uptime.

Business Continuity Audit

XO helps clients prepare Business Continuity Plans, but that’s not it. We also assist our clients to test these plans with various testing techniques and drills to ensure that the plans and the expensive systems work on the day of the disaster. While we understand that these tests have some limitations so we plan them in advance.

Business Continuity Planning

XO helps you prepare for and endure major disruptions.

We can assist you in identifying and resolving gaps in your present plan, creating a new plan from scratch, testing policies and procedures, training staff, and keeping your plan current as your organization grows. In short, we can assist you in avoiding common blunders made by businesses when developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. 


Backup Internet

XO’s BCP ensures that when issues occur, your business is able to switch to a reliable backup or redundant system. We enable the failover technique for seamless switching between your primary and secondary backup internet systems. When you have redundancy in place, backup internet service is accessible in the event that your primary service goes down.

Data Backup & Replication

Server downtime and failure are almost inevitable, so when it occurs, XO ensures that your online platforms are up and running. For more than two decades, XO’s backup and replication solutions have been used to prevent data loss and assure business continuity. Implementing a similar approach in your corporate environment could save your company money by preventing major revenue loss during server downtime. 

Recovery Backup Restoration Data Storage Security
IT hardware and software procurement

Spare Hardware

We safeguard your company’s critical IT assets, from alternative hardware to software solutions to backup network infrastructure capable of maintaining your servers, enterprise data, and more.

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Key Assets To Maintain Continuity For:

  • Applications
  • Servers
  • Internet
  • Networking Components
  • File Shares
  • Websites
  • Electricity

Why XO for Business Continuity Solutions?

Are You Investing Enough in IT for your_Business

Fair & Transparent Pricing

You can take advantage of XO’s partnership to cost-effectively access the best Business Continuity Solutions. We help you pair your BCP with your long-term IT purchasing needs as well.

People You Can Trust

Our certified and dedicated team of BCP professionals provides proactive services and delivers smart and customized IT solutions to support your growth and optimize your business processes.

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Deep Experience

XO’s technical team is among the most experienced in the business continuity industry. We have expertise in supporting our customers and partners and providing solutions that can stand the test of time.

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